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Once upon a time 3 guys met in college. They were instantly bonded by their common experience as first-generation youths shaped by strict parents, Saved by the Bell and dial-up internet.  They built on those bonds through the camaraderie of parties, spring break trips, and crazy escapades. They lived by the motto “you only live once” and never wasted a moment, no matter the cost.

As the years passed, the hangovers started to last longer and longer. The greys got harder to rebrand as “sophisticated” and the less than healthy lifestyle habits started to catch up with them. The bill was due.

Now, they are re-energized. They’ve learned that a continuous investment in mind and body is the secret to amplifying life to the max. They understand that their parents wanted a better opportunity for them, that they were given a true gift and a chance to inspire a movement. They are now on a mission to give back.  YOLO. is a no excuses and unapologetic movement that leverages the power of social networks, behavioral science and technology to create a fun and easy fundraising experience.

Come with them on their journey. You only live once. Make it count.

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The Connector

Dévon Carew 


The Doc

Nikhil Sharma


The Nerd

Neel Gulhar

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